Sewing essential: pocket-size Fashionary

Sewing gadgets

Inspiration can hit you anywhere, anytime. That’s why I always carry around a notebook or two. I even keep a notebook and pencil on my nightstand, for when I wake up and have (what seems to me like) a BRILLIANT idea. Because, if I don’t write down my ideas and/or what inspired me, I completely forget them. Nothing more annoying than knowing you had an epiphany, but not being able to recall it.

No more coasters and paper scraps

The same goes for dressmaking-inspiration. In the subway, on the streets, in stores: inspiration is everywhere! Whenever I get inspiration for a new garment, I make a quick sketch. But many sketches have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle of clutter in bags, wallets and purses. I found a solution for that: a Fashionary notebook. It’s a Moleskine-like notebook with almost invisible templates of bodies, which make sketching your garments a lot easier. I got the big fashionary notebook as a christmas gift, and gave my mum, sister and myself a pocket-size version as a holiday gift.


Big fashionary


‘neonlight’ Fashionary

Keys? Phone? Fashionary? Let’s go!

That pocket-sized fashionary turned out to be a godsend. I take it everywhere. It’s the size of a passport, and has one template per page. I created a system, where I make quick sketches of what inspires me in my small Fashionary, and make better drawings of my collection and wish-list in my big ‘official’ Fashionary. I also write down how much fabric I need for the sketched garments, so I always know how much to buy if I end up at a fabric shop.

If you need some inspiration, I highly recommend to Google for ‘Fashionary’, you’ll find great examples of how they can be used.

What are your favorite sewing-related gadgets? 


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