Hi guys! It’s been a while, I’ve been meaning to post more often but it’s been super super busy at work lately. But, good news: I finally managed to finish my dress/shirt-project! I’m very happy with how it turned out. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to stick to the pattern and turn this Maison Victor project into a dress, or if I would cut it and make a shirt from it.

And that’s where the sewing community came to the rescue! After I asked for your help, most votes went to the shirt option. Most of you thought I’d wear the garment more often if it was made into a shirt. And I must admit I totally agree with you guys!

But…there was still one big decision left to be made. Sleeves or no sleeves? I really liked the sleeveless version, but I already knew that I would wear the shirt/dress less, because it makes the garment less work-appropriate. Also, the colors are quite dark and wintery, which makes a version with sleeves more suitable with the chosen fabric.

I’m really happy that I made a shirt, because I think I get to wear it more often. And this also gives me the opportunity to adjust the pattern and make this dress again in another color scheme. I think I might go for grey and yellow next time.

I think have a new favorite outfit!



8 thoughts on “Shirt/dress/shirt/dress…SHIRT!

    1. Thanks! And no, unfortunately I didn’t make the pants myself, but I’m working on a similar pattern. They’re my favorite pair of trousers, and can’t wait to copy them in many different colors and patterns!

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