Scalloped hem button down skirt


A while ago I made this button down skirt with a scalloped hem. It was the first time using a print-out pattern, but definitely not the last! Apart from the printing costs it worked well for me. Nette of the Nette Vivante blog made this wonderful pattern. With the pattern comes a very useful instruction manual, with nice and clear illustrations. The instructions were of great help during the process!


Cheap fabric and second-hand buttons

I used some rust-colored cheap fabric I found at the local fabric shop. I chose to use thick yarn in a slightly contrasting color, to make it a bit more casual. Then I added buttons which I cut off a hideous vintage dress that was in my wardrobe for ages.


I made some alterations to the original pattern:

    • I added some length (I’m 1.78m, so I lengthened the skirt)
    • I added 4 extra scallops for extra width. I ended up cutting 2 of them away, because it turned out to be too wide
    • The original pattern is quite ‘boxy’. So I’ve sewn a little curve in it to make it more tulip-shaped.Making the scallops was quite the challenge, but with a lot of time, love and effort I think they turned out pretty great!IMG_20140607_152718

Outfit suggestions

Somehow, although I made the skirt quite some time ago, I never got around to actually wearing it. I made the skirt in the fall, and even though I intended to wear it with tights, it just didn’t seem right when making outfits with it. Then I had an epiphany: why not wear it as a summer skirt? I like to pair this skirt with a simple black or grey top or a breton striped shirt:



So, in the end, I highly recommend this pattern to you! Did I already mention it’s a FREE download? It’s such a nice gesture of Nette and it’s a wonderful pattern! It’s not the easiest garment to make and getting the buttonholes and scallops right is time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort!

What do you guys think of this skirt?


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