Work in progress: La Maison Victor City Dress


Earlier this year, a new Belgian sewing magazine was launched, called ‘La Maison Victor‘. The magazine is targeted at young dressmakers that want to make fun and modern garments. Although some issues regarding the pattern sheets need to be resolved (one garment spread over three different sheets with no clear guidance, for instance), I’m already a big fan of this magazine.

First up: the City Dress!

I particularly like the styling of the magazine. Each garment is styled in different ways, and the fabrics and accessories they use fit my style. I especially liked the ‘City Dress’ of the first  spring issue, so I decided to ‘test-drive’ the magazine with making this dress. If it turns out to be nice, I will subscribe to the magazine.

As I already mentioned, the magazine gives you a hard time tracing the pattern. The pattern is spread over two different pattern sheets, and on the second pattern sheet, nothing is mentioned about this dress. It’s not very convenient to have to keep two pattern sheets next to each other in order to understand which parts you need to trace. But, I figured it out, and here it is:


Fabric choice

I’m going to make a ‘wearable muslin’ because it’s the first time ever I make something from this magazine. I chose black, blue and grey viscose jersey. The bottom part will be grey, the bigger part on the top will be black and blue will be used as the accent color.


What do you guys think? Did you already know the magazine, or have you even made something from the magazine? I’m curious to hear what your experiences are!

p.s. sorry for the crappy pictures, the lighting is really bad and my photoshop skills are falling short 😉


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