Indie pattern inspiration: Named

Indie patterns

Independent pattern makers

I genuinely love craftsmanship and I try to support craftsmen (and -women) in any way I can. That’s why I love the independent pattern making companies that are usually run by one or two enthusiasts who put much time and effort in making nice patterns.


Self drafted vs. ready-to-make

At the moment I’m challenging myself to learn how to draft my own patterns. The result is usually very nice and the fit is fantastic, but the process is really time consuming. So that’s why I also love to make relatively ‘quick’ projects based on an already existing pattern. Also, being kind of a sewing newbie (or at least: I’ve postponed using patterns for about 10 years), working with existing patterns gives me the opportunity to practice skills like zippers, buttonholes and so forth.

Named patterns

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a pattern company that I’d never heard of before. Named is an indie pattern label founded by the Finnish sisters Saara and Laura. The patterns all have a very simplistic, scandinavian look and feel, something I’m very fond of. Actually, browsing through the website is like browsing through my wardrobe. So I’m definitely going to order a pattern soon! The only downside is the fact that the patterns are quite pricey, especially for patterns that you need to download, print and glue together (hate that!!!) first.

Here are some of my favorites:

Collarless dress

I just love the idea of this collarless dress. The dress would need some adjustments (I like a better fit and some more length), but I absolutely adore the concept. It’s also less ‘bulky’ than adding a collar to a dress, whilst having the same effect.

Kuvassa: Heini Salonen

I’m not sure I can rock a jumpsuit, but I really, really like this one! It has a very low back, and it seems to be more fitted than most jumpsuits. I like the fact that it almost seems like a two-piece.

And these trousers: just WOW! I think this is the first pattern I’m going to order from Named. Actually, the whole styling is spot-on: I would immediately wear this outfit.


I just love the detail on the front:

013-Cameron-kiinnitysWhat are your favorite indie pattern companies? And did you ever use one of Name’s patterns? Let me know in the comments! 


4 thoughts on “Indie pattern inspiration: Named

  1. I noticed on facebook that they are about to launch paper patterns as well.

    Did you hear already about sew indie month? A lot of sewing bloggers are currently sewing new-to-them indie patterns. It’s a nice way to discover new companies and to see their creations in action. I love indie pattern companies as well, but do think the quality of patterns varies greatly.

    1. Paper versions would be nice! I actually thought you might like the jumpsuit as well! I knew about Sew Indie month, that’s why I decided to contribute a bit on the last day 😉

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